Reclaim Systems

Reclaim or recovery systems allow abrasive to be reused multiple times saving the user time and money. We custom manufacture several types of reclaim systems for each customer’s specific situation.

Sweep In or Shovel In systems are designed for low to moderate blasting operations.
Single Auger systems have one auger that runs either the length or width of the blast booth. These systems are used in low to moderate blasting operations with booths too large for sweep in systems. When compared to the sweep in system, the one auger system will substantially save man hours in sweeping blast media.
H or U style reclaim systems are designed for moderate to high blasting operations. These systems can catch the majority of the abrasive, due to the reclaim design/layout. This provides a significant reduction of man hours required sweeping media.
Full Floor reclaim systems are designed for high production operations where they customer has no time to move abrasive to a central location. This system allows all of the abrasive to drop in to the auger troughs and be displaced towards the elevator.

Our rotary screens are made of stainless steel woven wire with spiral flighting mounted inside and out. The rotating screen removes large debris, while the blast media and dust travel through the air was section.

All drives are shaft mounted. This design reduces maintenance and prevents power reduction.